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Enso Education and all of its organisations work within different topics and promotes actions towards areas of great importance and development.  

Train & Travel with Women For Africa (TTWFA) and Enso Group have formed a partnership to create “Empowerment Academy”. ​ TTWFA is a French Organisation that brings together women travellers and women entrepreneurs around training & travel projects that support Women’s Economic Empowerment in West Africa. 

The partnership was created by a team of two very strong entrepreneurial women, our partnership director from Enso Group, Katarzyna Sikora and the founder of the non-profit organization TTWFA, Benedicte Joan. Empowerment Academy is committed to fight gender inequality. We believed that the only way is to empower women through training. Our approach is to create socially responsible contributors. Women have the opportunity to travel solo and help to develop long term changes for women where gender inequality is on the breadline. 

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