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Within the team

We are a mindful company and run mindfulness programmes in all of our organisations. We encourage all our employees to take an active approach to their health and well-being by raising awareness of the benefits of making healthier lifestyle choices. Including team mindfulness activities, flexible working, and practical resources available in all offices.  We go the extra mille to ensure all company policies and procedures are adapted to our teams wellbeing. While also supporting each of our team with their individuals requirements. 

In communities

As organisation we participate in events, trainings and local activities to promote the practice of mindfulness and actions towards better mental. We make an effort to colaborate with organisations demostrating inclusive values. 

Refuges and Mindfulness.jpeg
Refuges and Mindfulness.jpeg

In projects

Enso Education is active involved in projects that focus on inclusion and wellbeing in vulnerable groups; including "The Safe and Mindful Movement of Young Refugees and Migrants into Youth Groups". Which demostrates, to youth groups, how to embrace mindfulness as low-cost methodology to engage migrants/refugees to angnokedelde and address their mental health post-migration.

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