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Who We Are

Enso Education is an independent group that specialises in project consulting, delivery, and partnership arrangements. We work across a diverse range of clients and industries, providing an integrated service approach across all media ranging from project planning and consulting including partnership arrangements; helping our clients achieve their growth ambitions. 


We deliver innovative but practical solutions to customers, allowing them to explore new opportunities.


Enso is a wholly independent organization owned in trust for the benefit of its employees and their dependents. With no shareholders or external investors, the firm is able to independently determine its own priorities and direction as a business. We advise and invest to develop world-class businesses and partnerships utilising sustainable methods.


Learn more about your journey with us here! 

Why We Do It


As a core value we strongly believe there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference through education and a multitude of learning opportunities. Be that in discovering new cultures or working to improve our environment.

We pride ourselves on giving back to local communities and using our experience to make a difference to our partners local businesses. Whenever you are based we will use local resources and companies first, in order to create local relationships to promote the continued sustainability of the approaches. 


Our team following a week of learning about how to support refugees utilising mindfulness with local organisations in Bristol. 


Enso Education Team

We’re an international multi-lingual team, with colleagues based throughout Europe to help the project partners we support to achieve their international ambitions. Our team is multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled, and multi-national since the beginning. Our strength is not only in the multilingual team but also in our unique approach. Also, as team we strive for the continuous increase of our wellbeing and others, see how here

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Where our team are currently working. 

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